Flu Outbreak Precautions at Adlington EC Show and Dressage

Further to our previous post we have now taken advice from our supporting Equine Vets who advise any vaccinations given in the last 6 months are acceptable (7 day ruling as previously advised now doesn’t apply), anything older than 6 months can’t be deemed as ok (date for consideration is anything prior to 10th August 2018). We will have this ruling in place on Sunday. 

My sincere apologies to anyone who thought they were ok to come to the show but now can’t but unfortunately it is what it is and our goal is only to keep everyone’s four legged friends’ safe.  Thanks for your understanding.


Sunday’s show will go ahead however we need to take some precautions so, all passports will be checked for up to date vaccinations before entering the yard.  Anyone without a passport or with lapsed vaccinations will be turned away and vaccinations carried out in the last 7 days are considered not to be up to date.  Spot checks will be carried out during the day so please remember to have your passport to hand and show to anyone requesting it.

This does sound quite stringent however we all need to make sure we all take adequate action to keep our ponies safe.  Many thanks in advance for your understanding.  Any questions please call Angela on 07983 222197.

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